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Jewish and Christian land being stolen: The longer it takes to fund the Israel Longhorn Project, the more ranch land will be stolen, the more farmers and ranchers will go bankrupt and more families and ranchers will be murdered. Once the land is stolen it is almost impossible to get it back, once a life is taken it is impossible to get it back; this is the very land that you bought for Israel through the JNF.

Eyewitness Account From Chicago Trump Rally…

A regular guest KalliBella shares her experience tonight: […] We got to the arena at about 3: 30pm and started filing in soon after. Security searched all handbags and backpacks. We noticed e…

Source: Eyewitness Account From Chicago Trump Rally…


Sharia Rapes Justice

This happens to many western women that come to work in Dubai. When will people learn that Islam and the Muslim world is Evil and based on Evil. This Culture of war, hate and violence needs to be destroyed.

via Sharia Rapes Justice.